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My Background

Koma Massage is created by Tommy D. Washington, who graduated from Kaplan University. After completion of over 800 hours of training, he received massage therapist certification with a specialization in a variety of massages such as deep-tissue massage, Shiatsu and Swedish techniques, trigger point therapy, stretching, chair massage, and many more. Tommy is a former athlete, who always admired sports medicine, but after it turned out that his daughter, born with Cerebral Palsy, needs physical therapy, he decided to become a massage therapist and went to school. Now, he can help develop and speed up her progress but also shares his knowledge and skills with other people.


My Approach

Everyone is unique and wonderfully designed. So as your massage therapist I feel that my clients needs are best met when we are able to create a customized treatment plan to help resolve chronic pain or to just find a moment to relax from all of lifes stress.

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