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Tommy Washington
Licensed Massage Therapist

At Koma Massage, visitors get back on the path of wellness through massage therapy. With the emphasis on client intake and evaluation, your massage therapist will be able to treat the body's importunate aches and chronic conditions. With customized treatment plans for example, they target specific points on the body to help relieve pain, stimulate blood flow, and eliminate toxins from the body. Along with your customized massage, they also soothe visitors with that break up of tight muscle knots and induce overall relaxation.





Tommy was wonderful. He listened to my history on body pain and last massage I had, felt the tension in my neck, made recommendations. Worked out all the kinks and still had time for legs and arms. Great office location and he has great hands and a deep tissue massage and lighter where I didn't need too much. I would go back to him!

-Donna Wells


Tommy listened to my issues and explained in detail his process. The deep tissue massage that he gave me was fantastic and I have already recommended him to friends who are dealing with old injuries and age issues.

-DeVonna Miller

Tommy puts his heart and soul into this and you can totally tell by how much effort he puts into the session. An awesome and uplifting experience!

-Derek Hartsook


951-210-2945    |

28991 Old Town Front St Suite 208, Temecula Ca 92590

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